Monday, 24 May 2010

Akira Kiteshi (Aaaaaaaaaaah!)

Well now,

I'm feeling a little bit weird and tiered as it's the summer. Booze flows all year round, but summer is the time when it really gets going. I for one am not about to challenge summers right to trouble/control my liver/brain, and as a Kangaroo living on the often depressingly grey and chilly island of Grand Engladia I think I have an excuse... Well that's all bullshit, and for some reason I've taken up smoking again, which I also blame on the sun. Hmmm, intro.

Anyway, what about this?! Akira Kiteshi is something that wobbled onto my aural horizon just a few days ago. Innovative, precise and exciting, this music embodies the kind of thing I'm increasingly being drawn towards as far as Dubstep is concerned. I can still listen to all out, blatantly evil and berserk Dubstep, but really it's starting to drag a little because it's too easy to do. I had a look at some comments made on one of Akira Kiteshi's songs on Youtube (an obvious mistake) and noticed someone had commented that it sounded too much like AK was actually trying.... WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!? It's electronic music, you need to try. The boundaries need pushing, and the process of evolution to whatever next form we have is necessary and is what makes music continue to be an important part of life.

Whatever. Just, if you love innovative, well produced audio experiments/experiences, then this wank is for you.


Akira Kiteshi - Body Hammer by Akira Kiteshi

Friday, 30 April 2010

The Peter Andre section (and 'Death Rave' by Motor)

Hi Bums (U.S. meaning),

Who likes Peter Andre? I do. Obviously we share a lot in common musically, but really Peter is like a sort of greasy son to me. I used to live with him back in the last decade. We'd read together, and sometimes he'd watch me taking Salvia in the green house (My Salvia/greenhouse music selection: Just the song 'Death Rave' By Motor ), which made him laugh a lot.
Anyway, I was looking through some old boxes of tissues, and I found some scribbles I'd done about him. One poem, and a sort of diary of one of our days spent together... I do miss him.


Pete up on 'cid,
What did Katie did?
He hallucinates a dog,
It implodes and becomes a frog,
Peter and Andre,

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Kangaroo, Living With Peter Andre.

Anna walked into the bathroom, and looked at me as I sat straining 'pon the toilet. 'You gunna be long?' she asked unsmiling, with upward eyebrows. 'I told you never to come in here, disturbing me when I'm having a shit' I replied with quiet yet unconcealed frustration. Anna frowned slightly. 'Why's it OK for him to be in here then?'. We both looked at Peter Andre, who was lying fully clothed in the empty bath tub, looking at our plain white ceiling. He moved slightly and looked back at us for a time, then let his greasy head roll back into place and resumed his daydream - all this without expression. I looked back at Anna with the same expression she had initially dealt me, and whispered 'It's different with him. You know that.'
She said that I was making her late for work, but then went back to bed.

I thought that Peter Andre was asleep as we sped to work in my blue Mini, until he suddenly turned off the radio. 'I was listening to that Pete' I lied. He ignored my faux protest and asked 'Ian? (he used to call me Ian) That Anna you live with - is she from that Russian book?'. 'No' I replied softly. 'That book was written over a hundred years ago'. Pete stroked his knee and muttered 'Tolstoy'. I nodded and applied the brake a little too hard. He began to tap the window slightly with his knuckle, but then as if remembering gossip asked if I'd ever read any Tolstoy, to which I replied that I hadn't yet. After a pause, I added 'You want us to read some tonight Peter?'.
He smiled and put his waxy yellow rain hat on. I assumed that meant 'yes'.

I looked at the piece of paper. It had 'One Stop' printed on it. A receipt. Some old fucker must have left it on the counter, so I put it in the bin and continued re-stocking the Golden Virginia and menthol L&B's. Ten minutes later I looked at Peter Andre, who was standing outside looking at the grey clouds. It was drizzling slightly, and Pete was smiling. I offered him an apple, and he galloped back into the shop. As I polished the granny smith, I noticed Peter's waxy yellow rain hat fall from his pocket mid-gallop. I pointed this out to him, but he didn't care - he just wanted the apple, so I let it roll across the counter. Pete took a huge bite, and his top lip was pushed up so far that it touched his nose. As he chewed he surveyed the shop - first the sandwiches, then the drinks, then the cigarettes and finally me. 'Ian?' he mumbled - only just clearing his mouth of granny - 'Are we all doomed?'. I replied that we were, and he smiled.
'I'm glad' said Peter Andre.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

New Lemonade Kangaroo 'Uh oh!' mix

Well then, I've decided that 2010 shall be the beginning of my live music career. I am attempting to suck people in with this little mix, it being a sort of shit version of the kind of thing I want to do live. Still, it should serve to outline what I have planned.

If you want me to play live near you, drop me a prick and I'll give you a wank. Sexy.

Lemonade Kangaroo - Uh Oh! mix by lemonadekangaroo

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Devonwho (what the crazy fuck is going on?)

I was looking for some stuff to put up here about Suzie Analogue (I'm loving 'Home, Now' And I still might do something about her) But then - Fuck me in the pouch! Devonwho!?
So then this was just going to be a normal 'Blah blah blah' thing about my finding this new thing (Remix of Devonwho's Thumbtracks Vol. 1), and how good the thing was. And I guess it still is that sort of, but then the 3rd track -fedoraworm (didiase's microwave flip) - kicked in... YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Out of tune, all bleepy and stuff, Fuck yes! Annoyingly it's making me not want to listen to any of the other tracks. Maybe that's where these people have gone wrong. In the future, I'm only ever going to release sort of mediocre tracks so as to avoid this kind of mess (some people said that's what I've been doing since the start, but those people didn't say much else ever again after that).
There is a lot of stuff coming out of LA that I need to know more about, Hmmmm. Maybe studying the names on this release would be a good direction to travel in. I need a shower.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Paint and boats

I feel like my life needs more painting and boats. I'm living a freaking lie!

Nidia Conto Mi

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Skitz ft Buggsy - Born Inna System

So it's me again... Of course I still love you, but I just can't be around all the time. I have to run my semi-successful pool-hall-cum-massage-parlour, how else am I gunna afford all those diamonds you keep shoving on your fat fingers? What happened to that dress I bought you?... Oh... Well don't take Ket ever again... No your fingers aren't fat, I'm just a little stressed out right now. Can we just listen to this song? Yeah it's Skitz ft Buggsy - 'Born Inna System'. Yeah it's well good.

Skitz ft Buggsy - Born Inna System by Skitz

Monday, 15 March 2010

TC & Joker - It Ain't Got A Name

How's you? I'm OK thanks. Cool.

So I heard this song last night; 'It Ain't Got A Name' by TC & Joker... I LOVE IT! I haven't repeatedly listened to a song like this in months! In fact... It's back on.

Apart from the fact that these boys are from West Countryshire - my spiritual and often physical homeland - and that the song kicks a massive blue arse, I like this song because I once saw an interview with Joker where he had a toy cat sitting on his shoulder. I respect that in a person, and it's the kind of thing I think about when I listen to their music.

My favourite thing about this song is the squealing synth (Dweeeden der der... derrr!). Also the strings have a sort of melancholy that sends a weird shiver up my spine, which I also feel when Annie Mac announces at the end (for this is a radio rip); '...Representing the West Country...'. I didn't know I had such patriotic feelings. Maybe it's only where music is concerned, as I still feel a pang of excitement when I think about how well Dubstep has traveled, but I don't care all that much about how many people around the world like George Orwell or Aldous Huxley even though they probably have more cultural importance that wobbling bass and Cockney Thugs... Still, wobbling bass is very good. I can't feel Orwell vibrating my innards. Not now he's dead.