Monday, 24 May 2010

Akira Kiteshi (Aaaaaaaaaaah!)

Well now,

I'm feeling a little bit weird and tiered as it's the summer. Booze flows all year round, but summer is the time when it really gets going. I for one am not about to challenge summers right to trouble/control my liver/brain, and as a Kangaroo living on the often depressingly grey and chilly island of Grand Engladia I think I have an excuse... Well that's all bullshit, and for some reason I've taken up smoking again, which I also blame on the sun. Hmmm, intro.

Anyway, what about this?! Akira Kiteshi is something that wobbled onto my aural horizon just a few days ago. Innovative, precise and exciting, this music embodies the kind of thing I'm increasingly being drawn towards as far as Dubstep is concerned. I can still listen to all out, blatantly evil and berserk Dubstep, but really it's starting to drag a little because it's too easy to do. I had a look at some comments made on one of Akira Kiteshi's songs on Youtube (an obvious mistake) and noticed someone had commented that it sounded too much like AK was actually trying.... WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!? It's electronic music, you need to try. The boundaries need pushing, and the process of evolution to whatever next form we have is necessary and is what makes music continue to be an important part of life.

Whatever. Just, if you love innovative, well produced audio experiments/experiences, then this wank is for you.


Akira Kiteshi - Body Hammer by Akira Kiteshi

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